How much do twitch streamers make?

How much do twitch streamers make?

Twitch is a huge online video streaming platform. The videos are of the video games and the streamers can stream as play the game. It was bought by amazon in 2014. Amazon paid roughly 1 billion dollars for this platform. Twitch has continued to grow over the years and has made some streamers millionaires. Many people have made this as their full-time profession and their only source of income – and for many of them it has proved to be very good!  

Twitch offers many ways in which people can earn money. And subscription happens to be at the top of them. The more subscribers a streamer has to their channel, the more profit he/she will earn.  

Subscription rates 

On twitch the streamer can offer different packages to the users. The twitch subscription rates start from $4.99 and go up to $24.99 by tier. The revenue earned by the streamer through the subscriptions is equally divided between the streamer and Twitch itself. However even with this share the streamers are earning millions of dollars just through subscriptions.  

Perks of subscribing on twitch 

When a user subscribes to a channel on twitch, they get some additional features like updates, alerts, exclusive chat rooms, and above all ad free streaming. The users also get some special emojis that the non-subscribers do not get.  

How much do twitch streamers make? 

Even though no one really tells the exact amount that they are earning, there are different estimates that can be made. Additionally, some stats get leaked every now and then which also gives an idea about the income of these twitch streamers.  

Let’s mention some of the most popular twitch streamers and how much they are making.  


DRDISRESPECT was one of the most successful twitch streamers (Now on YouTube). He gained popularity very quickly and stood as the fastest growing channel in 2017. Initially DRDISRESPECT had only 5000 subscribers. However, in just a year he has reached to more than 40,000 subscribers which earned him a good $100,000+ every month. Apart from these he also gets a lot of donations and has some big partnerships with brands like GFuel, Razer and NeedforSeat. He also has his own merch. So to sum this all up, we are quite sure that he earns a lot of money every month.  

  1. SUMMIT1G 

Another twitch star and a millionaire. Jaryt Lazar who is known as SUMMIT1G on twitch started as a CSGO player. His good skills at the game made him very popular very soon. He has a huge following and has his own merch too. According to the stats he has made around $7.5 million from twitch. Well who knew that just playing a game could make you a millionaire, but I guess that happened. At the time of this post, he has around ~25,000 subscribers which earn him $60,000+ a month. SUMMIT1G has been working for many years so if you make a rough estimate his earnings go significantly every year, and this is only from the subscriptions.   

  1. SHROUD 

SHROUD is a CS: GO player and is amongst the most successful twitch streamers of all time. He makes at least $40,000 monthly only from his subscriptions so he must be doing something right. He also gets a lot of donations which further add to his income. He is also sponsored by the HyperX and MSI which earn him a lot of extra money.  

  1. ImaQtPie 

ImaQtPie is a full-time twitch streamer. He has shown some really good skills on the platform for League of Legends. He’s made around $2 million dollars in 2016 and became one of the most popular league of legends streamer. He quit his job to become a full-time twitch streamer and has been making a lot more than he ever could. He is a professional player and has been doing pretty well ever since.  

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