Estimate your twitch earnings

Estimate your twitch earnings

Twitch is a huge online streaming platform. People are now using twitch as their full-time job and their only source of income which does not come as a surprise given the fact that it is a very effective way to gain very big profits and also live your passion of gaming. So, if you are a gamer and want to earn some good money, twitch will be the perfect place for you.

More like YouTube twitch also works on the basis of subscribers. The more subscribers you have the more profit you will make. However, this is not the only method to make money on twitch. There are also some other methods that can add to your revenue.

So now if you are looking to get an estimate about your twitch earnings and how much you can earn keeping in mind all the factors that contribute to the payment, let me help you out. I will explain some of the best methods that can help you gain more profits and also guide you to have a rough estimate about how much you can earn on twitch.

  1. Subscribers

Your subscribers are the most important people on twitch for you. On twitch you get paid for the number of subscribers you have. The rates of per subscription start from $4.99 and go up to $24.99. the streamer can offer different packages to their users in order for them to subscribe. Since they are paying for the subscription they should get something additional. Well they sure do. the subscribers get some additional features such as exclusive chat rooms, special alerts, special emojis and on the top of everything ad free streaming. This pays pretty well for the subscription fee that they will be paying.

The money which is earned through subscriptions has to be divided equally between he streamer and twitch itself. However, the streamer must make at least $100 for the payment to start.

The most popular streamers like Ninja. SUMMIT1G make around $100,000 just from their subscriptions which is a pretty good amount to make.

  1. Brand promoting

The streamers can collaborate with many brands mostly which are listed by amazon and work as their affiliates to promote the products in their videos. The streamers get a share on the sale that is generated by the product. This also adds to the net income of the streamer and the big brands pay very good money for their promotion especially if you have a well-established channel.

  1. Donations from users

Donations are another great way to increase your revenue. The good thing about donations is that it does not need to be shared with twitch. It all goes straight into the pocket of the streamer. Donations are actually an extremely profitable way of income. The streamers can make up to $1000-$4000 per day. Which means that you can earn about $20,000 per month form donations only. None of the streamers actually reveal their exact donations however estimated can be made especially from the data is leaked every now and then.

  1. The personalized merch

The personalized merch is another great way to increase your income. The merch can earn you a very good amount of extra money. The most successful merch has been the merch of DRDISRESPECT’s clothing merch which earned him thousands of dollars.

This merch will also help you in promoting your channel while making some good money out of it.

These methods can give you a rough estimate of how much you can earn while working on twitch. Many people have made good use of it and have made themselves millionaires, Ninja is just one of them.